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Okay, so you are looking to do some work on the house, but you need some more information. We have compiled a few links that will help you make decisions about projects, give you info about trends, and find answers to some of your questions.

MocoLoco is a web magazine dedicated to everything related to modern contemporary design and architecture. This site may be a little over the top for most homeowners, but it could inspire you!

Building Green is a very hot topic these days. There are many ways to add "Green" to your home, but getting proper information is the key. This site attempts to give unbiased, accurate info about building green.

The two areas which will add the most value to your home when remodeled are the kitchen and the bathrooms. This site,, gives you many ideas and tips on planning for a remodel. is the Web's most comprehensive consumer resource on kitchen design. makes a very unique, multipurpose, retrofitted sink basin: SinkPositive replaces a toilet tank's lid to enable a touchless hand wash with clean, supply line water before redirecting the used (grey) water to the toilet bowl for the next flush. When used for hand washing, SinkPositive saves gallons of water each day at the conventional sink. It also provides a visual cue when your toilet leaks - an issue that accounts for an amazing 5% of our nation's water supply!

Hughie Products makes a patented Australian designed and manufactured hughie sink which solves water saving problems around the home. By using this water-saving device called the hughie sink around the home, you will be able to capture up to 80% of all grey water wasted.

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