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With today's busy lifestyle, the last thing you want to do when you get home is fix a leaky faucet or waste your weekend trying to paint the living room. It's tough enough just getting the kids to school, practice & music lessons, or the dog to the kennel before your trip out of town. Green Hills Handyman understands this and has more than 30 years of experience and knowledge in the area of home repair & maintenance: we are in the business of helping you love your home again. Our craftsmen are professional, reliable, and respectful of your home and its contents, which are invaluable.

Green Hills Handyman is a division of Broderick Builders, Inc., "The Remodeling Specialists." In the course of 33+ years of remodeling some of the finest homes in Nashville, Tennessee, our clients have requested everything from designing and constructing a one-million-dollar home addition to changing a light bulb. We have the expertise to get it all done; however, we now realize that the light bulb change can be as important to one client as the major home addition is to another. Unfortunately, most contractors & handymen never see it this way.

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Green Hills Handyman can handle any wants or needs you have with regard to your home. (We can also handle repairs, maintenance, and addition work at your office!) Whether you want a small bathroom updated, need a ceiling fan installed, or simply require a floodlight to be replaced, we will be there for you. Many homeowners have an ongoing list of things they would like to have repaired or installed at home -- a perpetual list that tends to keep on growing and from which items are rarely checked off as completed! We would love to help you check a few items off this list, so please take a look at our Services page for a few examples of the tasks we frequently perform and jobs that we commonly handle for our valued clients.

Feel free to email us at home@greenhillshandyman.com with any questions you might have; we want to help.